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BukyTalk is a social platform that enables its participants to speak English without having a fear of having mistakes. It offers the opportunity to practice speaking English in a social environment with full of different cultures that you can express yourself in group or private sessions.

With BukyTalk online English speaking site, you can speak with native English speakers by getting speaking packages suitable for your level. All you need to do is join a free English speaking session and then take advantage of the English speaking packages you want.

BukyTalk is an organization that aims to overcome your fear of speaking English with the motto "Let's Speak by Making Mistakes". It aims to help you speak English fearlessly with native English speakers.

Not being able to understand and speak English is one of the biggest problems. BukyTalk contributes to the development of beginner and intermediate level English speakers with sessions created in parallel with their levels

Many people are fluent in English but do not have the opportunity to practice. BukyTalk eliminates this problem and offers the opportunity for participants with advanced English to practice.

BukyTalk sessions include conversations on topics related to business life as well as daily life. In this way, you have the chance to speak English more confidently in your meetings.

Your first session is free of charge.

If you wish, you can also benefit from our advantageous packages😊

All of our speakers are either native speakers of English or Native-like speakers from English speaking countries.

You can use the package you have received within 30 days for sessions on any day and time you wish. We do not have any restrictions such as one day or two days a week 

You can pay the package you choose from the packages section on our website from any debit/credit card with 3D security.

Our sessions last for 90 minutes with two parts. First 40 minutes are with full of gamification activities. The remaining 50 minutes are designed for deep conversation topics with follow up questions chosen by expert content editors!

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