What is BukyTalk Corporate?

English speakers from all around the world!

Bukytalk offers you an opportunity to improve your English skills with the speakers from differet countries!

One-on-One or Group Sessions

You can choose to have a one-on-one session for 30 minutes or a 90 minute session with up to 4 participants at your level.

Performance Monitoring

With our panel, you can be easily informed your team‘s participation in sessions, their customized feedback from our speakers and their language journey process!

Why BukyTalk?

Richness of Choice

Freedom to choose a session from anywhere and on any device at any time!

Customized Content

If you wish, you can get session services with Daily-talking or content focused on your sector.

Performance Monitoring

With your corporate dashboard, you can see how much your teammates are improving and report to the company management by downloading these reports.

Listen to a Happy Customer!

What does our customers say?

How Do They Receive Services?


Dimes employees improve their English with content related to the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector.

İş Bankası

İşbank employees receive English development services in the field of Banking and Finance.

Meroddi Hotels

Meroddi Hotels employees improve their English with content in the fields of Tourism-Hospitality and Hospitality.

BukyTalk Corporate

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