Ramin kiyanmehr


 I've been teaching english for around 15 years in Iran and 6 years in izmir. i got on well with all students in different ages and levels from elementary to advanced levels. I learnt how to cope with student's difficulties upon their weakness points based on different procedures of learning English consist of : pronunciation, fluency and  proficiency.


For speaking proficiency I was always using pantomime and mimic facial expressions to convey the meaning of the action Verbs and vocabularies.  Actually My aim was to provok interest among students to learn better.most of the times, I used pictures as pictionary techniques or flash cards made by myself to invite them to perform a lively conversation together. 


Areas of interest

I'm absolutely thrilled while I'm spending my time with students. Once a week I make an English tour around the city to push them speak English in restaurants to give orders or do some shoppings and of course I score them. 

Inspite of the fact that I'm using CELTA methods, I execute fun and beneficial lessons. All in all, I would say they would describe me as discipline but friendly, energetic, innovative, funny, protective and  an Artist who leaves painting works on the board to make them feel they're on the cloud nine. 



I'm a degree holder of Teaching and translation from Azad University of Tehran, Iran. 

CELTA certificate from ih International house in izmir.